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Judicare Program

We may be able to help you obtain free legal help.

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HCBF’s Judicare program assists financially qualified individuals and their families in obtaining legal representation for family law issues such as custody and divorce.  Clients may apply for this program through the application button on our website.  If accepted, clients are placed with an attorney who will provide pro bono (for free) services.  HCBF also places income eligible individuals with attorneys who will represent them on a reduced-fee basis.

How our process works:

1. Submit your online application-Complete the online application for your family law case (such as divorce, custody, guardianship, support, etc.) Our office will review your online application to verify your case meets eligibility requirements.

2. Submit Documents-You will receive a follow up email detailing the required documents to complete your application.  You must submit all the required documents in order to have your application processed.  Submit your documents via; Mail: 17 W. Courtland Street, Ste. 130, Bel Air, MD 21014, Drop Off: Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM.  IMPORTANT: Failure to provide all the requested information on the application and supporting documents will delay processing time.

3. Placement Search-Once eligibility has been verified and an application has been reviewed, our Case Manager will search for an attorney to assist you with your case.  Please note that case placements are not immediate or guaranteed and are based on the availability of resources and attorney availability.  During this process, you remain solely responsible for your case, including complying with deadlines, and court orders.

4. Placement with an attorney-If HCBF is able to place your case with an attorney; you will receive the attorney’s information by phone and mail.  Please contact your attorney within FIVE business days to schedule your first appointment.  If you have trouble reaching your attorney, please contact our office.

If you are ready to take the first step toward legal assistance, please begin by clicking Apply Now. 

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