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Harford County Bar Foundation is a community outreach program whose mission is to surround the disadvantaged citizens of Harford and Cecil Counties with legal education and advocacy regarding issues that impact an individual’s and family’s well-being.

Our Story

The Heart of Justice

Established in 1991, the Harford County Bar Foundation (HCBF) was organized as a non-profit community resource to offer education and legal referral services to the residents of Harford County. Since its founding, HCBF has extended its reach by serving residents of Cecil County and increasing its community outreach programs.

Many come to HCBF defeated and scared after having many doors closed to them. They are often frustrated, overwhelmed and need help.  HCBF has an open door and listens to each individual that walks in or calls. The HCBF team works to find a way to assist through direct referrals to legal, local services, or organizations based on the unique need(s) of each client.

HCBF holds regular clinics, workshops, provides direct representation and collaborates with other non-profits regarding abuse, custody, homelessness, bankruptcy, employment, individual rights, consumer matters, educational issues and end of life decisions.

About Us

Harford County Bar Foundation works to ensure that the underprivileged receive adequate legal education.


Client Testimonial


"HCBF provided me with an absolutely fantastic lawyer, a legal staff that is easy to contact and communicate with, hardworking, makes my family and our needs a priority, and represents us well.  HCBF not only provided me with a lawyer, they gave me huge support that I won’t ever be able to repay.  They saved my children and provided them with the bright future that all children deserve."

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