2022 Deborah J. Hall Beam Of Light Award

In honor of Debi Hall, the Beam of Light Award was established by the Harford County Bar Foundation in 1998 to recognize the spirit and commitment of those individuals who assist the public and clients within the legal community.  Debi Hall truly brightened the lives of all the people she assisted on a daily basis.

Recipient of the Beam of Light Award will be recognized in the Harford County Bar Association/Bar Foundation Newsletter; on the plaque at the Courthouse; and at the Bar Foundation’s Annual Pro Bono Award ceremony. The ceremony will take place in May 2022.

Nomination Information


  • The nominee must be an individual (other than an attorney) who deals with the public and/or clients concerning legal matters; i.e. Court Clerks, Law Clerks, Paralegals, Secretaries, Receptionists, etc.
  • The nominee must exhibit in his/her actions a commitment to providing quality services to all clients and/or the general public on a daily basis by:
    • doing something more than expected for a client/customer or co-worker in the course of his/her duties
    • supporting the work of all co-workers on behalf of the client/customer – “all for one and one for all”
    • promoting a non-sexist, non-elitist, non-racist environment through valuing all client(s)/customer(s)/co-worker(s)
    • empowering client(s)/customer(s)/co-worker(s) through dignity, respect, service or mentoring
    • being a willing worker who brightens up the day.

How To Nominate An Individual

Please complete and print the form below.


Online Nomination